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ICNEE'18 May 25-27, 2018 Singapore


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Winners of Best Presentation

Session 1: 
Buildup and Wash-Off Dynamics of Organic Pollutants, Nutrients and Coliforms on Impervious Urban Surfaces: An Experiment
Zhenren Guo
Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Brunei

Session 2: 
A Game Theory Approach to Address Profit Conflicts in Environmental Regulation of Shale Gas Development in Chongqing of China
Xiubin Jiang
Chongqing University, China

Session 3: 
Highly efficient anisotropic etching of silicon wafers for photovoltaics
Sami Iqbal
Southeast University, China

Session 4: 
Turbine Design and Its Impact on Energy Harvesting from In-Pipe Hydro Systems
Hani Muhsen
German Jordanian University, Jordan 

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March 10, 2019
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March 25, 2019
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April 5, 2019
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May 3-5, 2019
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